4 Ways To Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

If you are noticing that your eyelash extensions are just barley getting you until your next fill, follow these steps to ensure longer lasting lashes.

1. Sleep on your back. This may be an easy request if you're already a back sleeper. For stomach sleepers, try to sleep on your back for the first few days after getting your extensions. The glue takes a while to fully dry and you could risk getting kinks in your lashes. 2. Comb them out. Using a clean eyelash brush, gently place the comb on the top side of the lash and roll them out. This helps prevent them from getting twisted together. 3. Don't play with them. Try to keep your hands off. They are very delicate and touching them with your hands can make them detach faster. 4. Give them TLC. If you wear makeup, be very gentle when you are washing off eyeliner, shadow and especially if you use mascara (not recommended or needed). As we mentioned, these lashes are attached very delicately and require tender, loving, care.

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