What You Need To Know About Microblading

It's More Hairlike Than Filling In - Microblading is a manual tattooing technique used to deposit pigment into the epidermis by means of a tiny, sterile, disposable needle. Hair-like strokes mimic natural hairs creating defined and exquisite brows. Although microblading (3D brows / eyebrow embroidery) is actual a type of permanent makeup application, it is still a separate and completely different skill. The comparison to classic permanent makeup which is done using a machine, microblading definitely provides a possibility to draw thinner hairs.

Choosing Brow Shape - At Nicole Popp Studio we create the most natural looking brows. The shape of eyebrow is calculated only according to the morphology of the face. The color is determined only according to the natural color of the hairs in the eyebrows and the hair. Symmetry is determined when the facial muscles are relaxed (when the client's eyes are closed.) Before the mircoblading procedure, Nicole sits down and works with you by shaping your brows with a pencil, allowing you to agree on the best color and shape to fit your face.

During Procedure - With microblading, pigment is edged into the skin’s surface with a fine blade to create a natural, yet darkened and bolder brow. The blade is tiny and angled, almost appearing like an x-acto blade. The blade is dipped in ink and scraped across the skin in short strokes. Nicole does this procedure by hand and works cautiously and smoothly to create strokes that mimic your brow growth.

Easy Maintenance - After the procedure is complete and your brows are completely healed, you can treat your microbladed eyebrows like the real deal - wash, sweat, swim, rub and wake up with them! The secondary follow-up session to touch-up your eyebrows, gives you the opportunity to make any necessary changes you want to your fill, color and shape. As your brow color fades over time, you may seek further touch up consultations with your eyebrow specialist (generally after six months) but until then, you are free to live your life pencil and powder free if that’s the way you want to live it.

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